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Here’s a story you will never forget about a man named Mr. Hoppy who lives in a small apartment alone with his flowers. He is deeply in love with his neighbor, Mrs. Silver but to shy to approach her and tell her his true feelings.
Everyday, he goes to his balcony and listen to the woman living below him with her pet. The old man wanted to marry the old woman but he cannot even start a conversation with her.
How things go you already know from the book.
Take this 10 questions quiz to remember all the events!
Good luck!

Crocobat loves bacterias. He created a weird bacteria that makes kids not to want to go outside to play with their friends. Fight now to destroy the bacteria attack!

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Examples of questions from "ESIO TROT – II"

  • How long does Mr. Hoppy's plan last?
  • Where did the tortoise live all year long?
  • What happened to Alfie, the first of them all?

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