– For teachers-


We are parents. We have each 2 kids that jsut started school. So, why did we launched kidibot.com?

  • We wanted to find a way to motivate our kids to read more.
  • To find a cool way for our kids to interact with the rest of the kids
  • To make friends among the kids that want to read more, smart kids, with smart parents. We wanted for our kids to like in a nice positive pressure world.

We said: our kids and our friends’ kids are our guineea pigs. If it works for them, then it will work also on others. So we will be able to fullfil our objective: to change destinies.

So, if you also want to be a part of this kids/parents/teachers that want more from life through reading community, we invite you to create an account on KIDIBOT. You’ll love it.

How did we came up with the KIDIBOT idea?

In the first grade, in 2016, my elder kid read 15 books. Not even in my nicest dreams I wouldn’t have imagine that!

Why did he read so much? Because in his class there are a bunch of kids where the social pressure works extremly well. One of them read 5 books, another one read 6 books and so one. A competition where everybody won after all.

We decided to create an educational ecosystem, to scale up this positive social pressure. Am zis sa facem un ecosistem educațional care să scaleze această presiune pozitivă. From here to KIDIBOT was only one step.


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