Kidibot badges and points explained

Hello, dear awesome fighters for intelligence and freedom!

To award those who deserver, we, at KIDIBOT Academy, set the following levels:


Birdkeeper – 0 readings

Kraby – 1-5 readings

Pigdey – 6-20 readings

Green Ninja – 21-49 readings

Master – 50-99 readings

The Absolute Emperor – 100+ readings


Esti un luptator "Trendsetter"Trendsetter Badge
If you are among the first 3 kids in your class that created KIDIBOT accounts (on website or in the mobile apps)!

You are a fighter "Top of Class"Top of Class Badge
If during a month you gather the most points in your class.

You are a fighter "Top of School"Top of School Badge
If during a month you gathered the most points in your school. Way to go! You rock!

You are a fighter "Top of City"Top of City Badge
If during a month you gathered the most points in your town!

Old Badge
It displays the number of months since that fighter created a KIDIBOT account. For example, 4 months old.

You are a fighter "Trendsetter"Team Player Badge
If you are at least 5 fighters in a class active at the end of the month, the KIDIBOT Academy will provide this bonus badge. that means you should have won at least one point during a month. 🙂

Badge #% in Top in Class
During this curent month, this fighter is in top 25% in his class.

These users are the best. Great team-players, awesome support from parents and teachers, super KIDIBOT friends. They deserve our respect!



The fighters can win points:

  • 1 point/correct answered questions, IF you answer correctly at minimum 7 questions!
  • bonus points, awarded to those who answer correctly at minimum 7 questions in a specific quizz.
  • bonus points in practice battles
  • during special occasions 😉

Beware fighters! If you want to trick KIDIBOT, is not good. KIDIBOT implemented a protection system, for those that want to answer to a quizz without reading the book first. We have to be better than the CROCOBETS, not like them!


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