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What is ”Kidibot GOLD HERO”?

# It's a Multi-Awarded Online Educational Program that works 24/7 through fun and play on and mobile apps.

After School Kidibot

# In the past 2 years, Kidibot received 12 international awards!

Premii câștigate de Kidibot

# Multi-Curicullar Education for your kid, from math, English, Geography, History, to hyper-advanced topics, explained to them in an easy way.


3 reasons to sign up!

The activities are taking place online, on computer/tablet/phone, whenever the child is available.

One of the most awarded Educational Platform world-wide!

12 awards won in the past 2 years, including from European Commision in 2019. And we don't stop here. :)

Kids from 1000+ schools from USA are using Kidibot!

Also, we have kids from Canada, Italy, Romania and other countries worldwide are using Kidibot daily.

92,17% of parents are seeing the clear benefits of using Kidibot!

92,17% of all parents' kids that use Kidibot declare that our platform helps their kids to read and write more.

Program Activities

All kids are learning and reading through playing.

Study the school curiculla

Math, sciences, English, French, etc.

They will learn new things

Bio-Programming, Quantum Mechanic, Artificial Intelligence, etc.. Explained for their age. This way, the'll be ready for future.

They are motivated to be more ambitious

Zen-Master is an incredible useful tool to train the ability to delay gratification. Details.

Their teamwork capabilities will increase

All their colleagues will benefit of Zen Master function. Kidibot GOLD HERO will encourage kids to work as a team for greated fun and satisfactions.

Kids progress is monitorised

The parent will see the kid's progress from T0 , în T1, T2, ....Tn. Personal evolution cannot be seen if it's not measured, right? :)

Kids will read more

Kidibot increases the reading activities. Kids are motivated through several different motivations to read and learn, also to help other kids to read and learn!

They'll receive Diplomas and Certificates

The GOLD HEROES receive the ability to download all the diplomas and certificates that they've earned. Really useful for their future, for admission to high profile colledges and universities!.

Monthly virtual prizes, that only GOLD HEROES can win

The GOLD HEROES have acces to extra value online motivational - that means more motivation to read and learn.

Education through fun

All Kidibot activities are done through fun activities, so kids will love them. For example, that's a KIDISMILE (a funny cat) that kids receive when they solve a quiz.

All activities are done via playing!

The Crocobets aliens and their allies (Uhubau, the Crazy Squirrel, Captain Spike, Multi-Eyes, Hot-Dog-Joe, Girafone and many others) want to conquer Earth through stupidity and laziness. The kids are the only ones that can stop them, by proving they read and learn!

How much does it cost?

The monthly donations can be done by Paypal/credit card.

Just $19.99 $4.99/month

The access to KIDIBOT GOLD HERO is allowed only to the parents that give a small monthly donation to StartEvo Association. For annual donations, we provid extra-bonuses.

There is not minimum contract period. You can stop the donations anytime you want, with just a simple email at


What are the next steps?

See here what you have to do.

  • Innitiate the donation of just $4.99 monthly!

    The donation is done automatically every month. If/when you decide to stop, you just have to tell us.

  • Your Kidibot kid's account will be upgraded!


    You'll receive and email with details.

  • You'll be periodically notified by kids progress

    How much does he'she reads/learns, how is compared with other kids

  • BE A

Kidibot Founders

Who are those that innitiated Kidibot Educational Platform, to helps the kids worldwide to read and learn?

Constantin Ferșeta


Alina Ferșeta



Goold Alien Robot



We bring with Kidibot super-partners, so you kid will become the adult you want

Kidibot Mission?

To offer kids acce to an advanced stelar education through playing.

Come with us!


Contact us!

If you are a teacher, a parent, a company or an NGO and you want to support this movement, please contact us. We need your help!