Understanding the process

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A quiz to practice taking quizzes in math.

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Examples of questions from "Understanding the process"

  • Draw a graph using the data provided. Then answer the questions. Every month I grow tomatoes. Some months no tomatoes grow. Oct 0 Nov 0 Dec 0 Jan 0 Feb 2 March 3 April 4 May 2 June 6 July 8 Aug 10 Sep 1 During which three months do I grow the most tomatoes and the least?
  • Sam went back to the store with his friend sally. Together they buy three pizzas. How do they share the pizzas equally? Draw a picture then translate that data to numerical value.
  • Please add (70,000,000) + (8x10) + (5 X 10,000) + (4 x 100,000) + (2 x 0)

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